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"No Snooze" Effective Professional Development to help you meet the demands of "No Child Left Behind"

Prime Presentations was founded by educators who saw the need to provide effective K12 mathematics and science professional development for teachers and administrators. The demands set forth by high stakes testing and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act require a prompt and effective response to staff in-service training.  Prime Presentations is proud to offer you the very best K12 professional development available today by the finest presenters anywhere. The classroom-tested, classroom-ready activities align with the standards-based curriculum and promote improved performance on high stakes tests. Participants return to their classrooms armed with the motivation and the necessary skills to positively impact and empower students.

We believe that "No Teacher Left Behind" = "No Child Left Behind."

Quality K12 Workshops for
Effective Professional Development

All Prime Presentations' professional development experiences are designed with pride and quality to energize and excite participants with classroom-tested ideas and cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Teachers appreciate learning rich activities that address their specific curriculum and the quality black-line masters that can be reproduced for immediate classroom use. All of the Prime Presentations mathematics and science staff development experiences are aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards for School Mathematics or the National Science Education Standards, as well as individual state benchmarks, standards and high stakes tests.

Although we can provide workshops for one day or multiple days, our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our school and district clients. We can facilitate, and highly recommend, Strategic Professional Development planning that aligns training with your state's Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Plan under the No Child Left Behind Act.

With your specific needs identified, we can provide effective training for your administrators, your K12 mathematics and science teachers, and all of your paraprofessionals to help them achieve a "highly qualified" status. Our training includes quality workshops, demonstration lessons with your students, and follow-up training. We specialize in content strands, such as Algebra or Geometry K-12, to promote continuity across the curriculum.

If you are serious about providing the most effective professional development for your administrators, K12 mathematics and science teachers, and paraprofessionals, please call us today. All in-service training is priced to include all expenses (presenter's travel, lodging and meals, and participants' handouts) so that there is never a surprise regarding the total cost of the training. Call today, as dates fill up quickly.

How can we be so confident that we will meet your needs?

We research your specific goals, curriculum, and needs to design your professional development experiences accordingly. Your teachers and administrators will not have to sit through hours of boring ivory tower theory about what might be done. They will learn research-based, proven strategies that have been implemented in the classroom with real students, while becoming more highly qualified professionals themselves. They will learn what can be done and how to improve student achievement in the classroom, on high stakes tests, and in daily life. Best of all, the techniques and strategies, experienced by the teachers at the workshops can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

We would not call ourselves Prime Presentations if we could not offer you the practical knowledge and effective professional development experiences you need to affect positive change in mathematics and science classrooms.

"The most expensive training you can purchase
is training that doesn't result in any positive change."

--Larry McGehe

For more information on how to bring a Prime Presentations Professional Development team workshop to your school, district, or county call
Karyn Hodgens toll free at (888) 917-3950.

No Snooze Workshops for effective professional development
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